‘Operation move’: definitive guide to change your house without losing your head

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It is of vital importance to us that your change of house is a moment of happiness and tranquillity. That is why we offer a complete door-to-door transfer service by trained personnel and modern trucks year 2007 with bodywork of up to 50 m3, in addition to cargo insurance of up to 2,000 UF. Have a look at the Website. Added to that, we have portable closet to move your clothes in optimal conditions, disarming and assembly of beds, partial or total packaging of furniture, appliances and household items, special packaging of art objects, paintings, silverware and glassware, which they contemplate quality materials such as corrugated cardboard, plastic with bubbles, polyethylene sleeves, cardboard boxes, wrapping paper and adhesive tapes.

To make your move to your new home a day where you can dedicate yourself to enjoy, we have storage service and we can do it on Sundays, holidays and special hours, with a surcharge on the normal rate. In addition, we offer transfers to and from regions change off the floor, home, neighbourhood, neighbours are a refreshing and full of hope that only tarnishes one issue: the move. Moving from one point to another a whole life, however close or distant these destinations are to each other, is a process that can not only test your patience; also your pocket to have an average cost of between 125 and 600 euros per move. Check the Website.

What options are there to make this process cheaper? According to the socio-economic study of the road transport sector of the Ministry of Development, the moving business moves more than 320 million euros per year.

Step by Step Tips for making a move:

The first thing you should do is budget the cost of your move. You have to know how much money you have to decide between hiring a company or doing it on your own. For this, you can use online tools such as gin tonic, which allows you to analyze at a glance all your accounts organized by categories. Do not forget to budget all the expenses involved in a move (transport, new furniture, cleaning products, packaging material …) see the Website.

The arrival of a new home includes the much-feared move, both for the work that represents the packing and transfer of furniture and objects, as, of course, the cost. But do not stress, although it seems a very complicated task, with a little organization and planning you can do it without major setbacks. Take it easy, as the saying goes: new house, new life. Whether you are going alone, as a couple or as a family, moving implies the start of a new project, which includes a change of environment, location and places to carry out daily activities. Avoid falling into despair, so to start positively you must plan a good move in time, for this, we present some simple suggestions that can help you in this task.

First of all, the change of residence is an excellent opportunity to review all the contents of your home and choose what you really want to take to your new home and what is best to get rid of once and for all. Also, the fewer objects you have for the day of the move, it will be easier. There is no point paying for the shipment of items you will never need, it is an unnecessary expense.

  • They must provide you with a moving contract, in writing
  • Ask for civil liability insurance
  • Try to find out if the staff is registered in the social security, for this, you can ask for the last proof of payment to the social security of the workers.
  • They should offer you the possibility of hiring a furniture repository, even if you do not use it.

Remember that if you pay a pirate company for your move, if there is any type of occupational accident or third party it will be you who will respond financially.

If you have the possibility of moving only with your own means, there are some issues that you should consider in addition to the planning that we have just proposed. It will not be enough with your two hands. That is something that will become a reality as soon as you check the number of things that one can accumulate in your day to day … you will see that even if you do not have professional help, your move will cost you money: at least 200 euros

If you are going to rent a van, think that the expense – including gasoline – can exceed 150 euros. Also, understand that being able to disassemble a piece of furniture does not mean you can reassemble it …have a look at the Website. In addition, if you want to protect the furniture with paper-bubble you will have to buy it at retail and can assume another 80-100 euros since the square meter of paper is around two euros and there is much to wrap. It also has a couple of adhesive rolls to seal

Before putting yourself to pack crockery, books, clothes … keep in mind that many companies offer packaging services for between 100 and 150 euros. The unwritten rule of removals says that if something can be broken more easily – especially if it is not clear enough the “fragile” sign – are the frames of photos, plates, glasses and screens. If your goal is to make the move as affordable as possible, there are several things you can do to avoid hiring a company to manage your transfer:

The importance of taking an inventory:

Make a list of all the things you are going to take. Check it out, be aware of what you really need and make a screen. Repeat the operation several times

Measure well how much time you will invest:

You should start at least one month before the day’. Start packing what you least use and finish with the most everyday objects. We have a lot on our Website.