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Makeup artist Austin has professional makeup artists for any type of production, whatever the medium: cinema, theater, television, magazines, photography, etc. Call us at makeup artist Austin and do not worry.

Makeup artist Austin:
If you are looking for a professional makeup artist for any type of event and any type of makeup: fantasy, artistic, brides, night, day, etc., get in touch. Makeup artist Austin has professional makeup services for productions. As a makeup agency we know that to develop this profession within the media of film, television, magazines, and photography, a very perfectionist makeup is necessary. Due to the great advance of the technologies, the definition with which the images are reproduced on the screen is increasing and obliges us to endow the faces as naturally as possible.

It definitely takes the leap when it is introduced little by little into the world of beauty and fashion, working on catwalks, television, and theater. But Sara Domi has done the magic! That’s why we are responsible and perfectionist regarding the makeup artist Austin services we offer since it is a very important element in the set design of the film. Taking into account the lighting and what the directors look for in each one of their projects, both from the most natural aspect possible to different characterizations to achieve the desired effect.

Sara Domi is known for its knowledge of being a person, his spontaneity working, and his naturalness. What makes it surround a great human team, working together as a small family and sharing their professional knowledge among them? Makeup artist Austin is considered as an artistic expression, by which not only shows the cultural movement in which the society is, but also the past epochs.

The makeup is:

  • Imagination (because if you do not have it, do not believe),
  • Emotion (because it produces sensations to the eyes that see it) and above all
  • Experimentation (because in any profession you have to risk practicing and studying, to achieve great works of art)

In our portfolio, you will see how far our experience as professional makeup artists covers; many of the works have been awarded in several film festivals, and some of them even in festivals. To enhance the innate beauty that is found in each one of us, this accessible service has been created and in an express time ( 30 minutes approx. ), If you have ever felt tired of how you look, you would like to change your appearance highlighting your better factions, this service is the right one for you.

We have a team of professionals at makeup artist Austin that will attend you in a personalized way taking into account the makeup that best suits your face. You will feel different!


  • Makeup base
  • Lipstick or Glitter
  • Blush
  • Eyelash Ripple
  • Eyes make up:
  • Shadow, eyeliner, mascara

Do you need professional makeup artists?
If you need a team of professional makeup artists in full, do not hesitate to contact us to make your proposal in the best way possible.

Professional makeup services for individuals
You can also contact makeup artist Austin if you need a professional makeup artist for any type of event and in which you need to make any type of makeup. Of course, we offer home delivery if you need it. If what you are looking for are professional make-up artists for your wedding day, in which you need to make bridal, guest or even groom’s makeup, go to our bridal makeup section to discover the wide range of services that we offer or contact directly with us through the form. We will be happy to assist you. In short, we are a team of multidisciplinary professional makeup artists prepared to give a solution to any topic related to makeup.

A personalized demonstration with the focus on a feature of your face in just 10-15 minutes

Get a classic, neutral, smoky or trendy look.

Get perfect eyebrows with the most appropriate shape for your face.

Get, starting from your current look, take advantage of the tools, techniques, and products suitable to illuminate and sculpt the face.

Get classic, neutral or bold lips.

Discover the products and techniques you can use to improve your usual look or turn it into a more glamorous look, with the help of one of makeup artist Austin in just 20-25 minutes.

Get, starting from your current look, enhance your features using a color palette adapted to your skin tone.

Get, starting from your current look, enhance your features with the latest trends in makeup.

A professional makeup artist can place your new eyelashes free of charge so that they adapt perfectly to your eyes.

We aspire to be the reference to the art of makeup in Spain, both in the professional field and in the teaching.

Makeup artist Austin makes certain in providing complete solutions with the highest quality to the makeup needs in the production as a company, and introducing and training new generations of make-up artists, all this through a constant recycling of techniques.


  • Personalized treatment and exclusive dedication
  • Forge of trust with the students
  • Special care in the quality of the teaching staff and the content of the courses
  • Identify the motivations of each student and discover the future best suited to their needs
  • Initiative and results
  • Commitment to a job well done, perfecting every detail.
  • Characterize our work always based on the latest trends in fashion and beauty.

So, whether it’s your party of 15, birthdays, anniversaries or, simply, a social event are always an opportunity to shine. To achieve this and look impeccable from head to toe, we offer the services of makeup and hairstyle, both together and separately.