Finished the 10 Days Detox Program To Pass A Drug Test

If you are a regular or occasional drug consumer and you work in a multi-national corporation then you must definitely know what a drug test is. A drug test is a procedure in which the employees of an organization are made to carry out a test to perceive the existence of a drug compound known as THC in their systems. A Drug test is carried out to find the employees within an organization who consume marijuana or cannabis. THC is a psychoactive drug compound which is found in marijuana and cannabis and THC compound is detected to confirm drug consumption by an individual. You need to carry out a detox program if you love your job and also want to continue marijuana consumption by remaining undetected.

I finished the 10 days detox program using various detox drinks and pills and then I tested myself using a drug testing home-kit and the results were negative and test was clear. You can easily pass the drug test too if you employ the right methods and consume the appropriate detox products you will pass the drug test with flying colors.

What are the various products used for detoxing?

Detoxing is basically the cleansing of the body from the drug compounds which are present within the human system due to consumption of the drugs. There are numerous products which are available from the detoxing process but the consumption and the employment of the detox products depend upon the time frame you have from your drug test. You can use the following detox products:

  • Detox pills: Detox pills are the natural or synthetic pills which are used for the detoxing of the body from the THC compound. Detox pills can be used for 10-day detox program. Detox pills is a legitimate option if you have at least a few weeks before the commencement of the drug test. You can use trusted and effective detox pills for a 10-day detox program so that you can pass the drug test.
  • Detox drinks: Detox drinks are liquids which are used for the detoxing of the body from the THC compound present in marijuana. Detox drinks can be a success if it is consumed just before a few hours from the drug test but detox drinks are not a sure deal. Detox drinks are used in a 10 days detox program with detox pills and organic diet for successful results.
  • Organic food: If you have to pass the drug test you need to go fully organic for a few days. You can use many organic food items such as fresh juice, organic fruits and vegetables.

How to perform a 10 days detox program?

For the 10 days detox program to be a success you would have to perform the following steps:

  1. Abstain: First and foremost you would have to abstain yourself from consuming weed during the whole duration of the programme. If you cannot abstain from weed then the 10 days detox program will end up in with a failure. So abstain from weed before and while indulging in the detox programme.
  2. Effective detox products: Then you would have to purchase effective and efficient detox pills and drinks. You should ensure that the detox pills and drinks are legitimate. Before purchasing the detox products you should thoroughly scrutinize reviews about the product so you end with the perfect detox pills and drinks. The detox products you will purchase will turn out to be your savior and you are trusting your future in them so make a wise choice.
  3. Consumption of detox pills: You would have to consume the detox pills in the following procedure:
  4. You have to take 3 detox pills every hour.
  5. You cannot consume more than 15 detox pills for a single day.
  6. Always consume plentiful of liquids with and after the consumption of detox pills.
  7. You have to repeat the process for 10 days continuously.
  8. Detox Drink: You would have to consume the detox drinks in the following procedure:
  9. You only have to consume the detox drinks on the last day of the program.
  10. You have to consume the detox drink with water and then don’t consume any food or liquid for another 2 hours.
  11. You have to consume the detox drink in segments with a gap of 6 hours between each consumption.
  12. On the last day if the program you have to drink plentiful water and sufficient amount of detox drink.
  13. Eat moderately on the last day of 10 days program.
  14. Diet before the test: You would have to consume the diet before the test in following procedure:
  15. Just 1-2 hours before the test you would have to take a diet consisting of mixed dietary fiber along with a fresh glass of orange juice.
  16. Consume sufficient amount of water after 20-30 minutes.
  17. Avoid over drinking.
  18. Try to pee before taking the test.

Tips for success

  1. Do not consume drugs for several weeks before the commencement of the test.
  2. Eat healthy food and go organic for some weeks before the drug test. And avoid food items containing fats and sugars.
  3. Do not consume alcohol and nicotine beverages during the detox program.
  4. Exercise regularly for a minimum 30 minutes because exercise will burn up the fat where the THC compound is stored. You can also visit sauna and spa because the more you sweat the better.
  5. Consume plentiful water every day to increase the excretion process so that drug compounds are excreted from the body.
  6. Consume effective detox products only.

If you finished the 10 days detox program with proper methods and with consistency you would definitely pass the drug test. For the detox program to be a success you would have to be willing and consistent in every way. Before the purchasing of the detox products ensure that the detox products are effective and are known for their successful results. Always contemplate the reviews of the detox products and purchase the detox product from a trusted source. After you have finished the 10 days detox program carry out a drug test using a home-kit to ensure that you have detoxed your body from drug compounds and that now you are ready for the real deal.

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Are Detox Cleaning Beneficial To Our Body?

Most people are suffering from excesses toxins in their body yet they don’t know it. If you asked them they will tell you that they’re not feeling good about themselves and most of the time it is because of too much chemicals and waste products that have accumulated in their various body organs so read more on how to clean your system. Some of the signs that show that there are too many toxins in the body include brain fog, allergies, headaches, fatigues or sometimes more serious illnesses like asthma, arthritis and other dangerous illnesses. If you frequently experience such problems it’s a sign that excess waste products are in your body slowing down your overall activities and make you feel unusual about yourself. If you want to restore your health back to its normal state you definitely to detox your body.

The body is responsible for detoxing any harmful product that reside within your body, but since you are constantly adding more and more chemicals in your body the liver and kidneys cannot flush out all the these chemicals. Another factor that leads to accumulation of these chemicals is that we don’t eat proper diet. We eat whatever comes into our way such as processed foods, fast food, sugar goods, just to name a few.

What a detox pill or any other supplement does is to neutralize these toxins and also supply organs responsible for detoxing the body with ingredients they need to work properly so it is very important to read more on how to clean your system.

Detox Pills – Do They Help?

As there are a lot of fake products in the market most people now don’t trust detox pills and supplements, and also some experts share their opinions that detox pills and supplement are all scam. But truly speaking in some ways we can definitely benefit from these supplements. Their main function is to fill the gap which is not provided by your dietary plans.

Detox Supplements Have Their Down Sides Too

If care isn’t taken detox pills or supplements can produce negative effects in the body. These drugs are not chemical free and are processed; this destroys the main ingredients present. Detox pills and supplement are restricted to certain people so it becomes important to read more on how to clean your system. They’re not recommended for individuals who’re in their teenage age, pregnant women or if you have health problems.

Detox supplements offer short terms results. Most of the products you will take in your body will not even be absorbed and some will go out as a waste. If you want results you have to stick to them. They’re not very much effective as most physicians condemn the use of detox pills and supplements. They said they have nothing to do with detoxing your body. Only special organs designed to do so will perform these functions.

Other hindrance to the good health is body stress that triggers your body in releasing the stress hormones in your system. Whereas these hormones will provide “adrenaline rush” to meet the deadline, in the large amounts they make toxins and will slow down the detoxification enzymes in your liver. Qigong, meditation and Yoga are effective and simple ways you can relieve this stress just by resetting the physical and the mental reactions to inevitable stress life can bring.

Which detox plan is good for you?

There’re a lot of detoxification programs as well as recipes out there, depending on the individual needs. Lots of programs follow 7day schedule because, it takes your body a little time to clean blood. The program involves to do fasting on the liquids for 2 days, and then followed by the planned 5day of detox diet that will allow your digestive system to take rest. It is recommended 3 to 7day of juice fast as the effective way of releasing out the toxins.

Here are some favorite detox diets:

  • Smoothie Cleanse
  • Simple Fruit & Veggie Detox
  • Sugar Detox
  • Hypoallergenic Detox
  • Juice Cleanse

After the detoxification program, one can cleanse the body every day with the diet supplements as well as lifestyle practices:

You need to eat a lot of fiber, which includes organically grown fruits or vegetables and brown rice. Beets, artichokes, radishes, broccoli, cabbage, chlorella, spirulina, as well as seaweed are good detoxifying foods.


When it comes to nutrition you get a lot of opinions both positive and negative. If you have really planned a healthy diet and still you’re experiencing the signs of toxins and waste products in your body, you should definitely test out a detox supplement that has proven to work and see if it can help. But as usual don’t forget to stick to healthy meal with lots of fruits and vegetables.