Why buy the best bmx bikes

Have you hooked up to the mountain bike but the bike you have does not cover your needs? If so, it’s time to buy one of the many mountain bike bicycles available to begin mountain biking. If your first bike ride on the mountain was with a basic bike, you’ve already realized that something has to be changed. And we do not tell you because you cannot keep up with your peers that depend a lot on your legs and an adequate diet for cycling but we tell you about a safety and durability issue of protection to avoid pain in the joints. Opt for the best bmx bikes.

And you may wonder very possibly: and what do I buy?

Before getting into online stores or going to the neighborhood bicycle shop it would be convenient to have some basic concepts clear!

Rigid or double bicycle – best bmx bikes?

I suppose you have already noticed, but BTT without cushioning are already history. Any BTT that boasts at least is equipped with front cushioning. First dilemma: rigid or double? Doubles are more comfortable if the terrain is rough or with loose stones. On the contrary, they are heavier bicycles. The rigid ones allow you to run more, but in some situation your back may thank a double. If it is your first investment, we would recommend a rigid one. So you can choose a bike with better components at the same price as a double.

Disc or pad brakes?

Without thinking for a moment! The effectiveness and quality of braking leaves no room for doubt. The disc brake on steep descents will be your great ally. It is the one that will guarantee you to stop as and when you want. So in this aspect discarded without hesitation a BTT with brake pads.

Wheels of 26 “, 27.5” or 29 “?

In these moments it seems that if you do not have a bicycle with wheels of 29 “you are not a real biker. Although the market trend of best bmx bikes is relegating to the 26 “to low-end bicycles, there is still a market for all but it may not seem so. The purists will say that the 26 “are for mousetraps and that the 29” are for filming. You will also hear that the 29 “better pass the stairs and that they pull more. And that the 27.5 ” best bmx bikes are something intermediate between the 26″ and the 29 “.

We would tell you that you would choose one that fits your stature. If you are low opta between a 26 “or a 27.5” then must opt for best bmx bikes. If you are of medium height let yourself be carried away by your tastes, although you will opt for a 27.5 “or 29”. If you are tall a 29 “may be your best choice.

Your budget sends

Mr money is a powerful gentleman! says the saying. The budget is at the end which can impose your criteria over your preferences. With € 1,000 you can consider yourself in a position to acquire a good bike. Although you will not find carbon frames for this price, if you have a mid-range bike with enough quality and finishes that allows you to use it for a good time. Below € 500 we would not recommend you to position yourself, since you can take a surprise in negative. On the other hand, it is also not advisable that you exceed € 2,000-2,500, since it would be a bicycle for sport levels higher than you would use it and it is not necessary to pay this high amount.

The city bikes are those that allow us to travel on city comfortably and without the need to bring specific cycling clothing, that is, with our clothes daily. To be part of this type of bicycles, they must have a series of features, such as carrying chain and fenders in order not to get dirty in the event of splashes. If you are thinking of buying a bicycle to go around town and you want to know what are the characteristics of urban bicycles.

Starting in this of the mountain bike

If you are one of those who start to start in this mountain bike, it is normal that you find something lost among the huge range of options that you will find in the market. best bmx bikes is that the world of cycling in general and the mountain bike in particular, goes a long way. So take it easy.

Which brand is the best?

It is difficult to answer this question. According to who you talk to, he will tell you that such a brand and depends on who you do will tell you that it is not because he is unconditional of that other one. The best one is best bmx bikes. For the price that we have indicated to you of € 1,000, you will find little difference between one brand or another. Think that the components, wheels, tires and saddles are independent of bicycle brands, and therefore can coincide between brands.

Best bmx bikes : What are the benefits of riding a bicycle?

Steps to follow:

The city bikes are the most traditional of all. Currently we can find them with more modern aesthetics and others typical of the vintage style but all have a common characteristic, comfort. For this, it is essential that the bicycle allows us to keep our backs upright , so that we have full visibility of our surroundings. The city presents infinity of obstacles that we must observe to avoid them in time.

In order to have a straight back, the handlebar must be at the height of our hands, so that stretching the arms is enough to reach it. We should not lean or maintain a forced position, we should feel relaxed and comfortable. In this sense, the handlebars that have a structure in which the fists are back and not forward or straight are ideal.