Tech witty services

If you are looking for work in the development of apps and do not know where to start, we’ll make it somewhat easier for us. We at tech witty offer an apps development for you and your company! Tech witty has the magic experience, knowledge, and resources that will help you develop, implement and maintain the best applications for your business needs, on time and within budget. The ability of magic to combine the technique of tools, sophisticated methodology and highly qualified resources streamlines the development process. Magic offers high-quality applications that support a wide range of deployment modes, including in mobile installations, in the cloud and much more.

Tech witty creates applications with a future-proof approach. Each application is described independently of the technology so that applications can be generated automatically for all supported platforms as for a couple of years we are offering the solution that has provided thousands of companies and professionals in information technology with the tools to migrate from old to new technologies and succeed in a constantly changing computer world.

In organizations, it is often necessary to obtain specific information about a process, connect applications or extend functionalities to the existing market software, in these occasions we develop customized applications using tools that adapt to the environment or knowledge of our clients.

Tech witty add features to an existing development, we perform interfaces between business applications, mobile devices, web developments, etc. Tech witty develops software as an engineering activity. We have a team of highly experienced developers and we involve the client in the different phases of its development. Our client is part of the team. In the development of a program or software, a whole team consists of analysts, developers, system technicians, and designers. Clients ask us to develop a program to solve problems or to expand capacities.

  • Application of audits and evaluations.
  • Development of assessments and recommendations of needs.
  • Application of definition, design, and development of services.
  • Update services for the versions.
  • Testing execution, validation, documentation, training and closing session.

We have qualified professionals:

We are not developers that do a bit of design or designers that do a bit of development. We are one of the few companies that can merge technology and creativity, and that is reflected in our work.

  • We are technicians
  • We have the ability to offer a high level of technical knowledge in each of our disciplines.
  • We do not limit ourselves to any technology

Due to our wide and deep level of knowledge in different languages, we have the ability to evaluate your project and propose a technological platform that perfectly fits your needs. We develop solutions in.NET, PHP, C ++, Java (J2EE), SOA (Service Oriented Architecture), XML, Adobe Flex, Flash, JQuery, Javascript, to name just a few.


We analyze and study the needs of the client to offer the most optimal solution.


Responsive Design, adapted to most devices, visual, usable and accessible.


Developments in the latest technologies and programming correctly documented.


Conducting tests, monitoring and putting into production of the final development

The verdict is that the Tech Witty has the widest platform support on the market: from Legacy applications, web or desktop applications, to modern native mobile applications. There is no other business application development platform that generates code for so many languages, databases, and system,

Nevertheless, tech witty offers the solution that is used by companies, organizations, software houses and governments in all parts of the world. Its development approach based on business knowledge makes it the agilest and productive tool for any software project.